The Shoreline Motel and Condominiums
Salisbury, Massachusetts.

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New Furniture for 2014!

We are pleased to report that 2014 ushers in an entirely new look, feel and level of quality for all six condos at 43 Atlantic Ave. Please take a look at the gallery titled "Condominiums" at right. While you may not recognize the rooms, the prices remained in the same neighborhood. Yes, they went up a little, but nowhere near proportional to the increase in function, comfort and style that has been implemented. Along with new furniture, a couple of other things have changed in the condos for 2014: We will now be able to book next year's dates for you at the end of your stay in 2014. Also, pricing from this point forward will be flat due to more demand than available space. The rates linked above will apply to anyone renting in 2014, regardless of any previous discounts applied. The ONLY discount from published rates are for military veterans and fire fighters.

Not "near the beach" - ON the beach!

There aren't a lot of secrets left in the world, but here's one of them: Salisbury, Massachusetts has some of the most pristine, beautiful shoreline in the country with nowhere near the traffic found at comparable ocean destinations. The Shoreline Motel and Condominiums offers a variety of rental opportunities, all of which have one thing in common: All of our rooms open directly onto the beach. Not "steps away" or "across the street," but ON the beach.

We offer both nightly and weekly rentals. Our rates vary based on season, rental type, length of stay and date. Please email or call for pricing information.

Most of our customers have been here before, many returning again and again for many years. We offer clean, affordable, family-friendly accommodations with a focus on customer service. Our goal is to see you relax, and then see you return again the following year.

What’s Better Than Free?

The Shoreline Motel and Condominiums has always focused on family vacations. Each of our condo units features a full kitchen complete with dishwasher, three bedrooms and a full bath - perfect for the traveling family.

We are the perfect spot for a family reunion. In the Spring and Fall, book four or more units for your extended family members, and your unit is free. The Shoreline offers specialized reunion accommodations and services, including catering coordination, a family photo wall in your complimentary suite, and a professionally-photographed family portrait for up to fifty people.

Restrictions apply. Call or email for details.